Cronfa Teulu – Grantiau I Blant Anabl a Phobl Ifanc

Mae magu plentyn neu berson ifanc anabl yn gallu bod yn ymdrech yn emosiynol, corfforol ac ariannol. Mae'r Gronfa Teulu yn darparu grantiau i deuluoedd sydd yn magu plant a phobl ifanc anabl neu blant a phobl ifanc sydd yn ddifrifol wael, gan helpu i liniaru'r pwysau ychwanegol y mae teuluoedd yn eu wynebu.

Mae etiem newyddion yn ymddangos yn Saesneg yn unig, oni bai bod y testun gwreiddiol wedi'i ddarparu yn Gymraeg hefyd.

Family Fund has recently received an additional £100,000 in funding to help families in Wales from the Garfield Weston Foundation.

Families can now apply for grants for essential items such as clothing, bedding, kitchen appliances or household items such as beds. This includes families in Wales who had received a grant in the last three years and were therefore not eligible to apply again due to changes in funding.

Family Fund estimates that this funding will allow them to make grants to over 200 more families in Wales who have previously been unable to apply for support due to funding changes.

Charlotte is 12 years old and lives in South Wales. Her mum, Hayley, said "She loves going swimming, gymnastics lessons, and listening to music, in lots of ways she's like any other 12 year old girl. She is very social and loves being around people.

"Charlotte has a range of complex needs and developmental conditions, she has cerebral palsy, autism and severe learning difficulties, but despite this she can be fiercely independent!"

"Recently, our dishwasher broke, and the door had to be held on with a cable tie which is obviously not ideal, but it caused problems for Charlotte too. She has special beakers which need to be kept sterile, and trying to achieve this with a broken dishwasher is not easy.

"What's more, Charlotte loves water and has no awareness of danger so a washing up bowl full of water could cause a potential risk for her. We applied for a grant for a new dishwasher and it's made a world of difference, we also purchased the extended warranty which means we shouldn't have to worry about it for a while!"

To find out more about Family Fund and how they could help, visit their website: or email You can also keep up with the latest news from Family Fund on Facebook, Twitter (@FamilyFund) and Instagram (@Family_Fund).